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Stigma-Rotary Hyper V3 High Motor With Best Quality$65.00€56.55£40.95AU$89.05CA$85.80
5.0cm Tattoo Grip Glove$2.00€1.74£1.26AU$2.74CA$2.64
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  • "many thanks... come fast......"
  • "many thanks.. come fast..i like at very mach..."
  • "meny thanks..come fast....."
  • "meny thanks...come fast..."
  • "meny thanks...come fast....."
  • "Items arrived as described, one of the boxes were slightly torn otherwise the others were in great condition. Great product for the price as well...."
  • "lywebsite test ......"
  • "Hello,, you send to Brazil and how do I pay? .. thanks..."
  • "Do you get a certificate of authenticity with the Stigma rotary machines? Just asking because the're $65 on here and I bought mine for £420 sterling...."
  • "There are always 2 different hawk machines! One gets biger on top like the golden one who is on the picture on top or the kit and One is straight? Sec..."
  • "the machine is original or a copy of the Cheyenne HAWK? if it is not a copy, how have this price with included power supply? thanks..."
  • "it's original cheyenne material? or it's a imitation?..."
  • "Hi! I wanna know the sizes internal and external of this plastic grips. Thanks..."
  • "necesito saber cual es la media interior del grip y cual es la medida del grip de acero que necesito comprar...."
  • "necesito saber cual es la media interior del grip y cual es la medida del grip de acero que necesito comprar...."
  • "Cual es la medida interios de este grip? Cual medida de grip de acero tengo que utilizar con esta grip? Gracias..."
  • "Cual es la medida interios de este grip? Cual medida de grip de acero tengo que utilizar con esta grip? Gracias..."
  • "Cual es la medida interios de este grip? Cual medida de grip de acero tengo que utilizar con esta grip? Gracias..."
  • "Hello! Is the price for all the tattoo machine complete? Source of power, pedal, engine and grip? Need a complete kit tattoo machine of Cheyenne, an..."
  • "India.maharasrta.mumbai ghatkopar west LBS Rood gopal bhuvan bas stop R. Tattoo art studio mobail no .9004744940..."
  • "India maharastra mumbai ghatkopar west LBS Rood gopal bhuvan bas stop R.tattoo art studio..."
  • "India.maharasrta.mumbai ghatkopar west. Gopal bhuvan LBS rad R.tattoo art studio. Mobail no . 9004744940..."
  • "India.maharasrta.mumbai ghatkopar west LBS rod gopal bhuvas bas stop ke samne R.tattoo art studio mobail no . 9004744940..."
  • "bonjour, j'aimerais savoir que comporte cette article ? juste un plateau !!ou comme si dessous avec les encres? merci cordialement..."
  • "M interesa saber mas de sus productos..."
  • "i would like to know abt machine n detailing abt it,,,,,it gonna be used in sheading or lining,,,,,currently m staying in dubai,,,so can i have it her..."
  • "9004744940..."
  • "Quisiera ver como puedo hacer para obtener este producto la rotatoria stigma v3 si ahi la posibilidad de que me mande a ecuador y cuanto me saldria..."
  • "ola gostaria de comprar um kit cheyenne mas desde que seja o modelo da primeira foto la de cima onde aparece o kit completo, não esse modelo que a maq..."
  • "is this an authentic hawk kit ?..."
  • "I can shop the discounts right? the time expire ?..."
  • "I can shop the discounts right? the time expire ?..."
  • "i have too try first......"
  • "hola estoy interesado en comprar esta machin Newest Stigma-Rotary Hyper V3 Rotary Tattoo Motor Machine Top Grade..."
  • "buying a tattoo set..."
  • "9821179035..."
  • "Good day. I am interested in this product(Item ID #TL-304). What color is it white or clear? Sincerely, Nikolay...."
  • "buen dia quiero saber como hago para comprar pistola prodigy para palmira valle clombia y su precio en pesos colombianos .. me interesan muchasco..."
  • "Olá! este kit é original ou replica ?..."
  • "Este producto es Original??? o es una imitacion? Me extraña que el precio sea 50 dolares...."
  • "Spero di prendere presto un altra mitragliatrice stile bishop. X ki e'alle prime armi ma vuole provare lavori + ad alti livelli allora consiglio di pr..."
  • "is this machine original? why you selling?..."
  • "Hello Busyontheway i wanted to know about the size of the needles you have in this "100pcs Hawk Round Magnum Needles 15RM" It is 0,25mm, 0,30mm, 0,35..."
  • "hola quiero saber si hacen envios hacia argentina ......."
  • "what's the difference between this and the $50 bizzare?..."
  • "What's the difference between this one and the $50 one?..."
  • "just want to know the weight of the total kit..??? because just want to clerify the delivery charge acc to weight. rply soon..."
  • "i wont a tattoo machin..."
  • "i like to buy.., but.., shipping charge is more then this tattoo gun.........."
  • "1..."
  • "is this a curved mag shader? the picture shows a liner or round shader, what is it????..."
  • "Just fround your supply co.and am real happy That you are close and really happy with theprice.imust say you have A costormer and pland to have mybu..."
  • "quero saber como e o que devo fazer para nandar vir este kit para PORTUGAL MAS EM SEGURANSA E COM DOCUMENTADA..."
  • "I'm yet to get one but I'm gunna..."
  • "Hola, cuanto me saldría en $ argentino si yo pido maquinas, pigmentos, agujas y punteras descartables.gracias...."
  • "sir do you ship here in philippines?how much will it cost for shipping?..."
  • "Id # th-104..."
  • "ola , quero comprar este produto , qual o valor em real , e preciso de garantias que chegara o produto..."
  • "how long will shipping take and cost for two boxes of needles to 91367 u.s..."
  • "very nice....."
  • "como comprar??..."
  • "how much is the shipping cost to Romania ?..."
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  • "una pregunta cuanto dinero argentino es lo que cuesta..."
  • "hey there, i was just wondering before i commit to buying one of these machines. is the needle depth etc adjusted in the same way as a cheyenne hawk m..."
  • "silviya alekova..."
  • "Does that come with instructions? Should I have a course to use it? Thanks...."
  • "Good day I would like to buy artificial skin for tattoo practice'm from peru but can not find in my country, just visit this page and if there is but ..."
  • "i need loaun money for my bussines so i we so i we return it in a year after bussnes didnt..."
  • "Hola, me interesa comprar 25 cajas de 50 piezas cada una de agujas 1005RL y 25 cajas de agujas 1003RL otras magnum de 7 M1, Si pasa. Por la aduana d..."
  • "This makes me very confused. 5RM... 'M' suppose to mean 'magum' but its saying it is round shader. In the result, I can't make decision to purc..."
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  • "I would like to buy this kit..."
  • "which hawk machine are you selling here ! as you have 2 different pics ??????..."
  • "quero saber mano quanto custa uma maquina dessa com frete..."
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