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Beijing, the official xinhua news agency reported
 Since Busyontheway(http://www.busyontheway.com ) added tattoo machines (http://www.busyontheway.com/go/tattoo_machine ) to their selection in October 2008, the tattoo machine sub-category has been seeing constant growth over the last six months. Although the category is still considered fairly new, more than 1000 tattoo machines were sold in March 2009 alone.
The tattoo machine was invented by Thomas Edison, one of the most prolific inventors in history, who also invented the light bulb and the phonograph. Most modern tattoo machines enable users to control needle depth, speed, and force of application, which has allowed tattooing to become a very precise art form.
Choosing a tattoo design which suits your body, skin tone and style is a critical step before you sit in the tattoo chair. However, don't neglect how much tattoo machines can affect the final look of your tattoo. A good quality tattoo machine can ensure a clean linework, not shaky, uneven, or blotchy. Also, a good tattoo machine guarantees the proper ink and line density, allowing the quality of the tattoo to stand against the test of time.
An interesting phenomenon about tattoo is that we are beginning to see lawyers, bankers, and doctors also getting tattoos. Tattoos are becoming more accepted by the types of people who are well educated and have decent jobs. A 2006 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology survey found that the number of tattooed persons has tripled since the 1930s, rising from 6 percent to 24 percent.
The tattoo machines available on Busyontheway.com are lightweight and easy to carry around. Customers include brick-and-motor resellers, eBay resellers and tattoo parlor owners. As more people get tattooed, both the resellers and tattoo parlor owners are seeing steady cash in-flow.
About Busyontheway:
Busyontheway is a leading global value-added online distributor. It offers more than One thousand tattoo products selections to customers in more than 120 countries. It serves both individual consumers and commercial customers