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Payment Methods

fvdf1 PayPal Isn't Available in My Country

It's easy to register for free and create a PayPal account, though PayPal isn't available in every country.  To check whether or not you can use PayPal to pay for your purchase, please click www.paypal.com.

If PayPal is not available in your country, you can still purchase from us. We also accept payments via Western Union or wire transfer. Please visit our Accepted Payment Methods page for more information about all the ways you can pay.

For those who are having issues with their PayPal account, please contact PayPal's own Customer Service, who will be more able to assist you with PayPal issues.

2 How Does Paypal Work?

PayPal allows you to use a variety of different methods to pay for your purchases:Send money from your credit/debit card

Send money directly from your bank account: the amount is sent directly to the recipient's Paypal account.
Use existing PayPal account credits

3 What is BusyOnTheWay's PayPal account?

You can send money directly to our PayPal account, though its best to first contact us via live chat (go to the upper right hand corner and click on the Live Chat option).

Our PayPal account is: [email protected] (Please confirm with us before making a payment).

Please do not send inquiries to this email address.  If you need assistance, please contact Customer Service or use the Live Chat function.

4 Can I pay by Western Union?

Yes, we accept Western Union payments.

Our Western Union account is:

Beneficiary : HONG LIN CAO
First name: HONG LIN
Last name: CAO
Country: CHINA
Address: Number 445, Jingfa Road, Yiwu city, Zhejiang, PR China, 322000

After your payment is completed, please provide us your detailed payment information (IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please email your ORDER NUMBER, WESTERN UNION CONTROL NUMBER, ORDER AMOUNT, SENDER'S FIRST and LAST NAME, SENDER'S ADDRESS and COUNTRY, and SENDER'S PHONE NUMBER).

After successfully transferring the funds, follow the link to the payment details page sent to you by email, fill in the details, and then click  . You're done!

If you have any further questions regarding your BusyOnTheWay.com order payment through Western Union, please email.

We want every Western Union transaction to go smoothly for our customers, so please be sure to check the total payment amount with them first. BusyOnTheWay.com cannot cover any handling fees added on by local Western Union branches.

5 I originally chose Western Union, can I change to PayPal?

It's no problem to change. Even if you choose Western Union firstly, you can still pay via PayPal.

You can send money directly to our PayPal account: [email protected]

Please let us know your order number in the comments (when you pay via PayPal you can add comments).

You can also contact us via Live Chat (click on the Live Chat function in the upper right hand corner) and they will send you a money request via PayPal, making it even easier for you to pay.

As soon as we confirm that payment has been received,we will start to process your order.

6 Viewing Prices in Different Currencies

How can I view prices on your website in different currencies?
You can choose to view prices in different currencies using the drop-down Currencies menu at the top of the right-hand pane of our homepage. You can also change the currency on individual product pages, by placing your mouse pointer over the currency denomination next to the item's price.

You can view prices in the following currencies:
- US Dollar (USD)
- Euro (EUR)
- British Pound (GBP)
- Australian Dollar (AUD)
- Canadian Dollar (CAD)
- Swiss Franc (CHF)
- Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

7 Why was my order cancelled?
Why was my order cancelled? Why did you refund my payment?

If we returned your money to you and closed your order, it is almost certainly because we were unable to verify your payment or the products you ordered were out of stock. Generally, our Customer Service staff will contact you to discuss your order, but if we can not get in touch with you in 5 days after we receive your payment, we will refund your money for your convenience and safety. 

Other possible reasons for refunding your money include:

- The PayPal account name and address does not match your order's shipping address, and there was no response when we contacted you.

- The products you ordered were out of stock (generally we keep our product information up-to-date, but sometimes a product may be temporarily out-of-stock) and there was no response when we contacted you.

8 Western Union and Wire Transfer Fees

You may have to pay a fee when using Western Union or wire transfer to make a payment to BusyOnTheWay. These fees are separate from paying for your order and are charged by Western Union or your bank, not by us.

When choosing these payment methods, please make sure to find out if any fees may apply and, if so, how much they will be so that you can account for these fees when making your payment. This will guarantee that the full price is paid and that there are no difficulties with your payment.

You can send your wire transfer payments in any currency and BusyOnTheWay.com pays any bank conversion fees within Bank of China.

9 I Want To Contact PayPal Customer Service But Can't Find A Phone Number For Them? Please Help!
Finding this information on the PayPal website is quite tricky and some users have suggested this may be because they prefer receiving requests by email and want to reduce the number of calls. You can contact PayPal customer service at the toll-free contact numbers below:

Toll Free for Business/Premier, USA & Canada: 1-888-221-1161 / 1-888-204-4481

Personal Accounts: 1-402-935-2050

PayPal UK: 0870 7307 191

They are open between the following hours:
4:00 AM PDT to 10:00 PM PDT Monday through Friday
6:00 AM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT on Saturday and Sunday